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Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill

Posted Monday, 01 July 2019 13:33
By Super User

A walk on the clouds with a breath of fresh air is the way Taylor Hill makes you feel as she strides into the frame in a new Victoria's Secret post on Instagram. The video is in black & white as Taylor comes walking in naturally from the starboard side bearing almost all in a sexy black bra and panty combination. With almost 967,000 views so far it's obvious to say that the mere sight of her is going to catapult lingerie sales at least a million furlongs. The extremely fit taylor makes you fall in love with the preview begging you to want to know what lies ahead for the actual release?


Along with the fall preview Victoria's Secret also released these sweeter then ever mix & match pieces featuring taylor lounging on the beach. She looks erotically comfortable lying down in a yoga-like pose just checking out the beautiful scenery. It goes to say that on that particular day she was probably the hottest thing on the beach. 
 Taylor Looking like a banana.