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The Missouri city where the death of a black teen set off weeks of nationwide protests and outrage in 2014 elected its first woman and first black mayor Tuesday night, according to CNN affiliate KMOV.
Posted on 3 June 2020 | 8:46 am
Nine days before George Floyd died an agonizing death under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer while others watched, law enforcement officials broke up what has been described as a massive block party in my Florida hometown of DeLand and the surrounding unincorporated Volusia County. Video footage of police shutting down a local store and chasing some in the crowd led many to accuse local authorities of engaging in another incident of racist law enforcement targeting African Americans. But what actually happened there is more complex than what was initially reported -- and this local example has lessons for all of us looking for ways to facilitate effective community policing of African American communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Posted on 3 June 2020 | 4:13 am
Dozens of protesters spent the night in a stranger's Washington, DC, home after he opened his door to protect them from being arrested for violating the city's curfew.
Posted on 3 June 2020 | 12:56 pm
In her filing for divorce from former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, Kellie Chauvin requested a last-name change and the titles to both of their homes.
Posted on 2 June 2020 | 3:10 pm
Crews in historic Old Town Alexandria quickly removed a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier named "Appomattox" Tuesday morning.
Posted on 3 June 2020 | 12:51 am
Former President George W. Bush released a statement calling for the country to unify after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the protests that have erupted across the country in the following week.
Posted on 2 June 2020 | 9:09 pm
Finally, on Tuesday, we heard presidential remarks about the protests against police violence that are roiling the nation.
Posted on 2 June 2020 | 10:41 pm
Keisha Lance Bottoms wasn't one of the 28 Democratic candidates who ran for the presidential nomination this year. But in the last week, she has become the party's most important voice.
Posted on 2 June 2020 | 2:49 pm
The stock market is not the economy. But rarely has the gap between Wall Street and Main Street felt so wide.
Posted on 3 June 2020 | 10:49 am
Global stocks have hit their highest level since early March as investors pile back into riskier assets, eager to get in on the euphoria that has overtaken markets in recent weeks.
Posted on 3 June 2020 | 12:11 pm
Eric Attayi, owner of the Urban Bicycle Gallery in Houston, Texas, has watched the pandemic transform his shop in a way most businesses can only dream of.
Posted on 2 June 2020 | 9:57 pm