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Louis Vuitton Travel Book Saint Petersburg by Kelly Beeman
For years, Louis Vuitton has been presenting the Travel Book series, where an artist spends time in a city or region that is not their own and creates a body of work in response to their travels and immersion. One of our favorites, NYC-based Kelly Beeman and our Summer 2020 cover artist, went to Saint Petersburg, Russia for the series, and created a body of work that played off the many unique traits of the city. Baroque architecture next to Stalinist era minimalism, incredible colors next to the dark and stone greys, colorful clothing amongst the densely populated city. 
Posted on 25 January 2021 | 5:59 pm
The Moon is Following Me: Marcel Dzama @ Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp
Every tine I see an installation or works by Marcel Dzama, I want to live in the world of these characters. That he makes films brings that point to life a bit, directs his world into a bit of subconscious fantasy. But there is both a throwback element to his work and an ode to a byegone era of experimentation of the surrealists and Dadaists before, and a futuristic part of Dzama's world that feels almost feral and naturally celebratory. I love this dichotomy because it makes you work a bit as a viewer, to picture youself here, to be immersed. The Moon is Following Me, Dzama's first solo exhibition in Belgium, on view at Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp through…
Posted on 25 January 2021 | 5:17 pm
But Still, It Turns: Photography from the World
Through photographs, the prism of time is illuminated and breaks to clarity. We see the components and how they fit together. They take us on unexpected paths, they bring us to other lives we could know if life were to turn another way; they foster empathy. They allow us to recognize that life is not a story that flows to a neat finale; it warps and branches, spirals and twists, appearing and disappearing from our awareness.
Posted on 25 January 2021 | 12:12 pm
Bianca Nemelc: Soul of the Earth
Four coconuts bobbing in the glow of a golden round orb, tickled by a frame of large green agave plants.
Posted on 25 January 2021 | 8:22 am
PERCEPTION: A Look Into the New Studio of Aryz
Over the years we never tried to hide the fact we're massive fans of Octavi Arrizabalaga, better known in the art world as Aryz. From his game-changing murals over impressive studio works to the recent blend of these two practices through the creation of giant-scale cutout paintings, the Spanish artist has been continuously pushing the boundaries. Of his work primarily, but as a well renowned and respected artist worldwide, the boundaries for his contemporaries as well.
Posted on 22 January 2021 | 6:28 pm
Alejandro Cardenas'
We've been closely following the recent development of Alejandro Cardenas' work through his shows in LA and East Hampton, and are excited to see the Chilean-born, LA-based artist having a milestone solo debut with Almine Rech gallery in NYC. Entitled Alexandria, on view through February 23rd, 2021, the exhibition introduces a new body of paintings and sculpturues, providing a commentary on the relationship between humans and the environment through Sci-fi-like visuals.
Posted on 22 January 2021 | 8:51 am
Popular Psychedelic Molecules, Rendered With Atomic Precision, Using Hippie Tapestries: New Works by Kelsey Brookes
Louis Buhl & Co. is pleased to present Popular Psychedelic Molecules, Rendered With Atomic Precision, Using Hippie Tapestries, a solo exhibition of one-of-a-kind works by San Diego-based artist Kelsey Brookes. Heavily influenced by a background in biochemistry, Brookes’ creations are a meditative exploration of molecular mapping, filled with color and intricate line work. Popular Psychedelic Molecules, Rendered With Atomic Precision, Using Hippie Tapestries will feature a series of cut and sewn Indian tapestries mounted on shaped strainer bars that form various sequences of molecular diagrams. Highlighting this new technique, the exhibition with Louis Buhl & Co. will be the first time Brookes has presented works of this kind.
Posted on 22 January 2021 | 8:47 am
The Unexpected Choreography of Robert Longo's
For his Men in the Cities series, Robert Longo set up his camera on the rooftop of his apartment and threw a variety of objects at his friends, capturing their aggressive reactions in these remarkable photographs, created between 1977 and 1983. The jerks and spasms of Longo's subjects, sharply dressed in business attire, have an elegance and grace that is entirely unexpected; protective reactions and exaggerated gestures have been turned into effortless and authentic choreography, a ballet of falls and stumbles, leaps and trips. The movements are fresh and vital, full of energy and life, even while they portray a sense of agony. They document an essence of human motion, boiled down to pure expression. This work later became the…
Posted on 22 January 2021 | 8:21 am
Juxtapoz Shop Exclusive: Carissa Potter
We are excited to announce our newest print release, exclusive to, Carissa Potter's I've been waiting for you for so long. Her work has become internationally recognized and renowned through her People I've Loved label of prints and artist made goods as well as her own exhibition and fine art career. Potter's print will be available as a timed-release, only from January 21—28, 2021. Buy it now. 
Posted on 21 January 2021 | 12:23 pm
”so super sorry sir!
Shulamit Nazarian is pleased to present ”so super sorry sir!”, a series of new paintings by New York-based artist Michael Stamm. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.  
Posted on 21 January 2021 | 8:39 am