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small__black_lo The company began with the idea to make the existing beauty in everything even better. Through a collaborative effort of what is, and what can become, we here at DIMES & DAMES are focused on building a better tomorrow through the essence of the past and future. By doing so we can create a present day that is perfect for today’s times and culture.





Our Goal at DIMES & DAMES is to make the world a better place one piece at a time. We strive to empower the community to live in a peaceful environment for all people, in all places, for all things.




Ddtiny We believe all good starts from somewhere, and is usually based on a basic Code of Morals. To follow our goal, we begin with Sincerity: Freedom from deceit. Honesty: A constant striving to better ones self. Spirituality: A reflection of one’s self. By Mentally: Being peaceful in the mind. And Physically: Strong in the body.






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